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Vermont Overland, where your passion for adventure travel meets the Green Mountain State’s love for enveloping you in lush beauty, crisp air, incredible food and drink and thrilling backcountry travel on a vast network of ancient roads rich with history and unparalleled scenery.

DONATION - $350 VOBS Participant Registration.  Includes 1 vehicle, driver and all passengers. Participant pasture or woods campsite.

VERMONT OVERLAND BIRDWATCHING SAFARI is the epitome of the exploration aspect of Vermont Overland. Participants in VOBS use their well-appointed vehicles to venture out into the Vermont backcountry to view their favorite indigenous bird species. Along the way, they'll make stops at local pottery shops, country stores, nano-breweries and historic sites.




Alloy+Grit was born out of this same passion, answering Land Rover enthusiasts’ call for their own independent publication. Our mission is simple: we capture the allure of these fascinating vehicles, the exceptional people who own them, and the spectacular places they travel.

Our name reflects the two essential elements we see in a life filled with Land Rovers. Alloy – quite literally, because aluminum alloy has been a unique part of Land Rover’s makeup from the beginning is still a defining element of the brand today. Grit – not only for the dusty kind that you pick up by taking the road less traveled, but also for the kind of intestinal fortitude that takes Land Rover vehicles and their owners to the ends of the earth.

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