Questions on where to check in? How to sign up for trails? Where to line up?  Look no further!  Check out our FAQ section below, if you don't find the answer to your question there simply contact us through the link in the menu above and someone will get back to you!


Old Spanish Trail Arena

Moab, UT








Everyone has questions when it comes to these events, below are some of the most common ones, if you still don't see your answer feel free to reach out to us!

Frequently asked questions


Where do I go when I arrive?

Event Check-In will take place at the Old Spanish Trail Arena off Highway 191. Once there head over to the check-in booths at headquarters with your Rally Pass. Please be sure to have your Rally Pass ready for an expedited check-in experience.

Where do I stage for daily trail runs?

Daily trail run staging will take place at Old Spanish Trail Arena, as trails depart every 20 minutes with every group. Please be sure to review the trail run schedules as trails will depart promptly as scheduled.

How do I sign up for trail runs?

To sign up for trails you have 2 options: 1. Sign up through the WiX mobile app and acces early registration. 2. Sign up the morning of the trail run. We will make 75% of the trail spots available through the mobile app 36 hours prior to the trail run, a notification will be sent to all registered attendees using the mobile app once trail registrations have opened. Attendees will only be able to register their own vehicles and passengers. To Sign up through the app:

  1. Open the WiX App and ensure you are signed in.
  2. Click on Events tab. ( Be sure to drag down and refresh your screen to update)
  3. Scroll down to find the trail you wish to run.
  4. Click on RSVP and complete the sign up form.
    1. Contact Information in case of any changes.
    2. Vehicle information/Passenger headcount required in case of emergency.
    3. Voluntary Participant Waiver
  5. That's it! You will receive an email confirming your registration.
In the event all the spots available through the mobile app have been filled, you will be added to the waitlist for that event on a first come/first serve basis. If a confirmed participant cancels, the next person in line will be assigned that opening.

What should I bring on a trail run?

Please be sure to have the items listed below ready to go in order to ensure a great day out on the trail, these preparations will not only make your day more enjoyable but will also help out your trail leader. Personal 1. Shoes/Boots - No sandals/flip flops please. This helps us minimize the risk of injury/insect bites. 2. Clothing - Please make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring layers, it may be warm in the valley, but it can be very windy and chilly on top of the mesa's, please keep this in mind to ensure an enjoyable day on the trail. 3. Food/Water - Please be certain to account for ALL passengers and bring enough food and water for the day, one gallon per passenger (Including pets) minimum. 4. Camera - You won't want to miss some of the incredible views, make sure to charge your batteries and bring plenty of memory. 5. Positive Attitude - This single choice can make or break everyone's day. Please be mindful of your fellow trail mates and remember we are all here to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. Keep it Courteous and Respectful. Vehicle 1. Gas - Please make sure you have a full tank of fuel prior to each day's trail run. 2. Air Source - Be sure to have an air source readily available to air up at the end of the trail. 3. Recovery Points - While we hope to not need them, make sure you have a front and rear recovery point readily accesible. 4. Recovery Gear - Help out your trail leader and have your own gear readily available should it be needed. 5. Full Size Spare - A full size spare in good working condition is a MUST for every participating vehicle. 6. Seatbelts - All passengers are required to use their seatbelts whenever the vehicle is in motion. All vehicle seatbelts must be in perfect working condition. 7. Gear Secured - All gear inside vehicle must be properly secured and tied down. There are some very steep sections on some trails, you do not want your gear flying around your vehicle when you are attempting to maneuver a challenging obstacle. Kids We welcome kids at these events, our hope is that they too will become Land Rover enthusiasts one day. This does come with a few considerations to keep in mind as listed below: 1. Safety - Safety is a personal resposibility of the parents, please do not depend on the trail leader or group to ensure the safety of the younger passengers. *** Please keep a very close eye on them around cliffs and ledges.*** 2. Long Days - In the case of a breakdown or mishap on the trail, it may take longer than expected to return to town, please keep this in mind for some of the younger ones and be prepared with any and all necessities in case of a delay.

What happens if a trail is cancelled?

While we do our best to prevent these situations, sometimes Land Rover can happen and we may be forced to cancel a trail due to mechanical issues. In the event a trail is canceled those who have signed up through the app will receive a notification with further instructions with additional trail options or alternate departure time.

What if I arrive after check-in hours?

No worries! Simply stop by the following morning and collect your Rally Gear. If you have a confirmed, fully-paid registration and have downloaded the mobile app to your smartphone you will be able to sign up for trails through the app as long as spots are still available.

Can I bring my dog?

Of Course! We always welcome man's best friend at these events, but as with everything in life we do have some rules to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all registered attendees. 1. Leashes - All dogs must be leashed at all times. 2. Friendly - We ask that you refrain from bringing your dog if they have trouble around other dogs or kids. Any participant with aggressive/unfriendly dogs will be asked to remove them for the safety of all participants. 3. Clean Up After Your Dog - Please be considerate of others and cleanup after your pet.

How many trails will you be running each day?

If all goes as expected, we will have 12-15 trails per day, with starts staged from 8 AM to 10 AM.

How big will this event be?

We are planning on limiting vehicles to 300, which will mean over 400 attendees. It certainly promises to be the biggest Land Rover event of the year.

Will the new Defender making an appearance at the event?

We are now in early talks with Land Rover to bring some new-model demo’s to the event. Stay tuned for more details as they progress.

What will be included in my rally fees?

4 days of trails, 3 evening activities, participation in vehicle raffle, participation in door prize giveaways, event decal, and special welcoming gifts from event sponsors.

Will you be offering any onsite event camping?

Currently, we are trying to coordinate camping for event participants on the Old Spanish Trail Arena property. We will update the event website as this develops with details.

Will I need any special permits to run any of the local trails?

No, your registration fees will cover all permits needed to run any and all trails associated with the event.

What do I need to bring or know to run the trails in Moab?

As typical for any trail, you should bring adequate recovery gear with you. Also, most people air their tires down each day, so having a source to re-inflate your tires in recommended. Also, make sure you have front and rear recovery points available on your vehicle. In addition, a full-size, fully-inflated spare tire is a great idea as well. Other than that, plenty of water, sunscreen, a first-aid kit, and tools would be advisable as well.

Will there be evening events included in the event?

Yes, please refer to the calendar of events to view details of our 3 nightly gatherings.

Can I attend just a few days and not the entire event?

Yes, absolutely. Although, we do only have one fee structure that covers the entire event duration.

How many days of trails will be offered?

We will have 4 days of trails. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Will my stock Land Rover with no modifications be able to participate in this event?

Yes, each day’s offering of trails will include easy, medium, and hard trails to make sure everyone with any vehicle is happy.

Will there be organized activities on Wednesday?

Yes, Wednesday will be a team building/sponsor and vendor day. More details on what this day will look like very soon.

Will you be negotiating any special pricing on hotels and/or outside camping facilities?

Yes, although at this time we are still in negotiating and we will announce details as soon as possible.

I’ve heard you will be raffling off a vehicle. Is this true?

Yes, although we are still working out the specific details on this vehicle, as an attendee you will be qualified to purchase raffle tickets.

When can I show up and check-in for the event?

Check-in will open Sunday afternoon and be offered each morning as well. Please refer to the calendar of events for exact timeline.

If my plans change and can’t attend, will you be offering cancellations/refunds?

Yes, up until 60 days before the event you may cancel and receive a refund.

Who will be leading trails on the daily trail runs?

We will be vetting qualified trail leaders and are always looking for those experienced individuals that know Moab trails well. Please reach out to us via the contact page if your interested in helping lead trails.

Are you looking for any Land Rover related product sponsors for the event?

Yes, if you are interested in partnering with, we have several very nice sponsorship packages available. Please reach out via our contact page and we will tell you more.

Are you looking for sponsors for the raffle vehicle?

Yes, if your company is interesting in helping us build the vehicle with only sponsor-supplied products, please reach out to us via the contact page.