GARR Media Policy/Guidelines

Great American Rover Rally (GARR) welcomes all related industry media interested in reporting on/from the rally.   Journalists are required to observe and respect the privacy of all organizers, staff, attendees, and sponsors of the event at all time.


GARR organizers require proof of employment as a member of the media to make certain that only qualified media receive media credentials and gain access to the event.  We would ask that the credentials are presented such as, press passes, business cards, letters of verification and other identification (i.e. a copy of a publication sample editorial work and/or name on the masthead, a link to an article previously written, etc.) be provided when preregistering, registering onsite or when picking up a preregistered media/press badge. Freelance Writers are asked to provide a reason for attending the events, which can be done through a letter or email from the publication being represented, or if working independently a statement of editorial work will be considered. The above also applies for photojournalists/videographers.  All requests subject to review by event organizers.

Event organizers can refuse to issue media credentials for any individual not fitting the above requirements. Advertising, marketing, business development, publishers, business operations, and public relations personnel may not register as media and will be required to register as an attendee and pay the typical rally fee.  GARR does offer separate sponsorship packages for industry professionals at additional costs/benefits as well.


Access and Rules of Engagement

Pre-registered media can obtain their media credentials and guidelines at the main event registration counter. If registering onsite, please allow extra time for the registration process before sessions begin and have your credentials available.  The event logo is available to be used by the media and will be supplied by event staff, as needed.


Event media badges must be worn at all times when attending the event. This includes during daily trail runs, vendor events, evening functions, as well as morning trail line ups.


Photography, Videography and Audio Guidelines

Photography and videography is allowed at any time during the event as long as it is not disruptive, unsafe, or any of the event organizers, staff, attendees, or sponsors request that they do not want to be photographed or videotaped.  Failure to honor these requests warrants immediate removal from event and lost of event badge.


Journalists are asked to introduce themselves and name their media before conducting interviews. Where individuals at the conference decline to be interviewed, we would ask journalists to respect their wishes.